Tata Salt Lite- 1 Kg

35.00 34.00

Tata Salt, popularly known as India’s first and biggest iodized packaged salt. The smooth and easily dissolved salt has been pioneered by the famous brand ‘Tata’. The purity and hygienic iodized salt has become the best choice of every kitchen at present. The vacuum evaporate technology made the salt softer and helps to get dissolves soon. The company of the brand proves to be the most reliable and credible one. Tata salt has got the finest quality and refined stuffs. Being aware of the fact that ‘salt’ plays a great role in increasing the taste to any of the delicious food; one cannot tend to compromise with the quality of the stuffs. The fine crystal cube structured of Tata Salt proves the purity of it. The salt also has expanded its product segments as per the consumer needs that include Tata Salt Lite, Tata Salt Plus and Salt Sprinklers. Tata Salt has been consistently recognized as one of the country’s foremost food brands which has won the hearts of millions.